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Cash Discount / Surcharging

Save Money on Credit Card Processing Fees

Our Cash Discount Program allows a business owner the ability to charge customers a set amount of $.01 – $1.00 per transaction or a percentage of the volume of the sale (up to 4 %) on a credit card transaction. The surcharge percent charged to a customer can completely offset the cost of accepting credit cards. Contact us for more information on how to maximize your revenue.


Fast and secure invoice processing to help reduce payment collection times and gain greater control of your cash flow!

Integrated Payment Processing’s modern Invoicing, paired with a Integrated Payment Processing merchant account, eliminates paper invoices, streamlines reporting and record keeping while giving you greater control over cash flow by offering a secure way to take payments. Integrated Payment Processing Invoicing is available out-of-the-box via Online Reporting or via an API.

Online Payments

Process online payments from your e-commerce website and/or your mobile application.

Integrated Payment Processing’s Payment Gateway supports the creation of your own checkout experience and can be paired with Embedded Fields to enable the secure collection of data, tokenization and the storing of customer and card information.

Recurring Payments

Set up your customers with recurring, installment or subscription payments by creating and assigning customers to a tokenized vault. On the selected billing dates, we will automatically charge the customer and provide a detailed invoice, and other necessary informationIntegrated Payment Processing’s Recurring Billing is paired with Integrated Payment Processing Merchant Account. Available out-of-the-box via the Integrated Payment Processing Manager to setup and manage or can be set up through an API. 


Store your customers data for easy returns and repeat sales!

Elect to store your customers payment, billing, and shipping data on Integrated Payment Processing’s secure servers for easier returns and repeat sales. The Integrated Payment Processing Customer Vault product is available out-of-the-box via the Integrated Payment Processing Manager to setup and use or alternatively via an API Customer Vault API.

Virtual Terminal

Process payments without any integration or development work!

Our PCI compliant Virtual Terminal, paired with an Integrated Payment Processing merchant account, is an essential link between businesses and their customers. It is designed to operate quickly, efficiently, and to work anywhere you’d like. Integrated Payment Processing’s Virtual Terminal is available out-of-the-box via the Integrated Payment Processing Manager. Integrated Payment Processing is a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified Level 1 compliant Service Provider.

Sales Team Inquiry

Sales Team Inquiry

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