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Easy to integrate and maintain!

Design your Payment Flow to ensure your users have the best experience when navigating your website and app.  Access all API functions on your personal dashboard and gain full control over your payments.

Important: Don’t forget to replace the credentials with your own. Contact customer support with any questions.


We understand ISOs!

ISO’s are increasingly challenged to provide cutting-edge payment solutions to remain competitive in a world of margin compression, merchant sophistication and increasing competition from non-traditional channels. With our extensive knowledge on properly servicing and supporting ISOs, IPP provides the expertise to help you navigate this changing industry.


Integrate with us: Create your own experience.

Whether your application is a consumer or enterprise software, a simple e-commerce checkout or you are building a marketplace for other vendors to sell products and services, we make integrating with IPP easy.

Create your own Payment Solutions – Integrate using our extensive set of APIs to board accounts, process payments, store customers as well as access account updater, recurring billing, invoicing, reporting, disputes and dispute management.

Use our Plugin library – Available with our all-in-one hosted checkout and merchant account. The plugin is available at no cost and supports e-commerce and recurring payments at checkout.

Out-of-the-box payment solutions – Available with the IPP account are out-of-the-box payment solutions including a hosted Virtual Terminal for exception processing, Customer Vault, Recurring Billing, Account Updater and Invoicing.

Lifecycle transaction reporting – Select to receive a webhook push on an event or use the Reporting and Disputes API to integrate transaction activity outside of the real-time payments and build end-to-end reporting.

Regardless of the integration option, select the payments partner that works closely with you to create solutions to address your specific needs. Let IPP create a personalized partnership and development experience.

Sales Team Inquiry

Sales Team Inquiry

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